TDX Approvers: Review the Status of a Request Ticket in the Client Portal

You can see where a request is at in its workflow by looking at the request ticket in the Client Portal. 

Reviewing the Status of a Request in the Client Portal

  1. Use the link to the TDClient Portal in the notification email to navigate to the ticket in the Client Portal.
  2. Locate the Workflow Stages header.
    Details view of a Request Ticket with the Workflow Stages area highlighted
    • Note: A ticket can have up to 4 stages: User Approval, Supervisor Approval, Access Approval, Fulfillment. If the ticket is in between one of those 4 stages, it will list the stage as Processing
  3. Click any of the steps under Current Workflow Step to see a more detailed view of those steps and the person or group they are assigned to.
    Workflow stage of a request ticket expanded on with details of who needs to approve the step
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the ticket Details page to review Feed for any public comments posted by other approvers or the fulfillment team.

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