TDX: Add a Report to a Desktop

When you are creating or managing a desktop, you may want to add a report. Some existing reports may meet your needs. Others you may need to modify to generate data relevant to your Group.

Adding a Report to a Desktop

  1. Go to the Desktop tab. See Create and Manage a Desktop.
  2. Click Edit DesktopA new window opens for that Desktop.
  3. Click U of M Tickets in the Available Content column. A list of available reports appears.
    Available content pane with U of M Tickets category expanded to show available modules
  4. Find your desired report.
    • You can do a page find (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) for the name of the report.
    • You can also scroll through the list. 
    • You will find existing reports and those you have modified and renamed.
  5. Drag the report to the desired column in the desktop window being edited.
    Column 1 of Edit Desktop tool with modules added and an arrow pointing to the added report
  6. Click Save before exiting the Edit Desktop tool.
    Edit Desktop tool Save button
  7. Click Refresh on the Desktop page. The report will populate.