Setup iOS Gmail App for BAA Accounts

This article walks you through the process of installing the Google Gmail and Device Policy apps that are required for accessing BAA account emails through an app on iOS(Apple) mobile devices.

  1. If not already installed, download and install the Gmail App from the App Store.
    Gmail App view in the Apple App Store
  2. Open the Gmail app on your iPhone and select Sign In.
  3. Select Google under Add account
    Gmail Add Account, Set up email screen with Google highlighted

  4. Select Continue.

  5. Enter your University email address in the Email or phone text box and select Next.
    Google sign in page, university email account added, next selected

  6. Sign in with your Internet ID and password on the Univeritsy of Minnesota sign in page.
    University of Minnesota login page

  7. Select APP STORE to find the Google Device Policy app. You are required to install this app.
    Pop up window asking to install the Google Device Policy with the option to go to the App Store

  8. Select Get on the Google Device Policy page in the App Store.
    Google Device Policy page of App Store, "Get" button selected

  9. The Device Policy app will install on your iPhone. Once the installation is complete, find and open the Device Policy app on your iPhone.

  10. Select Get Started on the Welcome to Device Policy app page.

  11. Select your University email account.
    Select Screen for Google Accounts

  12. Select Accept to agree to the terms of service.

  13. In order to access your data you must install the management profile. Select the blue down arrow to start the installation.
    Device Policy Install Profile Screen. Install button selected

  14. Select Allow to open your phone Settings.

    • Note: The latest version of iOS has a known issue where a loop occurs in the instructions above.

      • Install Device Policy App

      • Download Device Profile

      • Approve Download and accept profile

      • Instructed to launch settings to approve, and then it asks you to download the device profile again.

To resolve this, once you have downloaded the device profile: 
  • Open the device policy app and select the Menu (it is represented by an icon that looks like three horizontal lines) 
  • Select Install Device Profile.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  1. Select "Install

Install Profile screen, details about the profile to be installed, Install button selected

  1. If prompted, enter your passcode.

iOS screen to enter the passcode for the device

  1. Tap "Install."

Profile install screen, buttons at bottom to Install or Cancel

  1. Select "Install."

Warning screen for profile creation. Notes that it will allow administrators to remotely manage the device. Install button selected

  1. Select "Done".

Verifying the profile was installed with information on the Google Device Policy. The Done button is selected.

  1. Select "Open".

Alert asking if the page should be opened in Google Device Policy. The Open button is selected

  1. You will see that your device has synced and at what time. If you do not see this, tap the sync icon. Once you're sure your device has synced, tap the hamburger menu icon in the upper left.

Main screen of the Device Policy application. The Resync and Menu buttons are selected

  1. Select "Apps".

Device Policy menu opened, Apps option selected

  1. Select "Update".

Apps screen displayed with Google apps listed. The Update button is selected

  1. For each notification you receive, select "Manage".

App Management Change notification with Manage selected

  1. Once completed your Google apps will be managed by the University of Minnesota and you can access your UMN Google Apps account with them.


If, when completed, the apps are not populating, a restart will often fix the problem


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