Recruitment CRM: Use Templates for Data Uploads

When you have data from an external sources that needs to be loaded into CRM certain Field Names and data format types must be used. Several templates are available for you to map the data to the appropriate CRM fields.

The templates list all of the available fields to load for that data type. The field names provided are the field names that must be used otherwise the load will not work.

New fields cannot be added through this process. Examples are provided in the templates as well to provide guidance in acceptable data formats for fields such as date and phone number. Failure to use the provided field names and formats for data type can result in failed data loads. 

Using Templates for Data Uploads

  1. Download the template of the desired load type that you would like to perform as a CSV file.
    • General Inquiry (Prospect) - A General Inquiry load will match or create a Contact, match or create an active Prospect, and create an Inquiry record.
    • Suspect - A Suspect load will match or create a Contact, and create a Suspect record.
      • NOTEThese are links for the current data load formats. Permissions should already be granted to users who would need access to these documents, but if you think you should and do not contact the CRM Service Team for more information.
  2. Review the field names listed and map them to the data that you would like to load (i.e. First Name to the FirstName__c column in the General Inquiry Load Format file).
    • NoteRECORDTYPEID is a required field.
  3. Check the example data in the file you are on and make sure the data you are entering adheres to that format (i.e. phone numbers that are 888-888-8888 in your source data but are showing 888 888 8888 in the example data should be changed to remove the dashes).
  4. Once all desired fields have been filled out the file is ready for upload.
    • Note: not all fields have to be filled out but the field names cannot be changed and fields cannot be added.
  5. In Salesforce, create a new TC Adm IT Request Case that says what type of file it is (i.e. Suspect or General Inquiry) and attach your file to the Case. This will be routed to the Twin Cities Admissions IT group who will load the file for you.

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