Recruitment CRM: Update Message Status dates for Events and Visits

When, why, and how to email Event Attendees will be largely determined by internal business processes. Some emails may already be automated and some campuses may choose to send emails at different times.

This article shows how to update different Message Status Information for special types of emails and letters that are sent manually and associated with events or visits, such as confirmations and thank you's.

Updating Message Status Dates for Events and Visits

  1. Navigate to the desired Event Attendee record via your desired way to Review Requested Events or Visits.
  2. From the Event Attendee record, click on Edit located above and below the Event Attendee Detail section of the page. The Event Attendee Edit page is displayed.
    The Edit button above Event Attendee Detail
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the Dates section. Here a list of available options to update special types of communications are shown.
    • The available fields to add dates to are Sessions Complete, Itinerary Printed, Confirmation Email Sent, Confirmation Letter Printed, Reminder Email Sent, Post Even Email Sent, and Post Event Letter Printed. These should be filled out according to your internal business processes.
    • Clicking on the area next to the empty text box will automatically populate today's date. Clicking in the box will bring up a calendar where dates can be selected. Typing in the date is also a valid option.
  4. Once dates for the appropriate records have been set, click on Save to be brought back to the Event Attendee record.
    The location of the Save button under the Message confirmation options

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