Recruitment CRM: Update Event or Visit Attendance Status

When, why, and how to update Event Attendee Status is largely determined by internal business processes. This article is a guide to navigating and updating status but is not intended to replace any business practices regarding when to update an Event Attendee Status or to what status value it should be updated.

Updating Event or Visit Attendance Status

  1. Navigate to the desired Event Attendee record via your preferred way to Review Requested Events or Visits.
  2. From the Event Attendee record click on Edit from above or below the Event Attendee Detail section of the page. The Event Attendee Edit page is displayed.
    The Edit button above Event Attendee Detail
  3. From the Event Attendee Edit page use the dropdown next to Attendee Status to select a status per internal business processes.
  4. Select the desired Attendee Status and click Save at the top or bottom of the Event Attendee Edit screen.
    The Save button highlighted with Attendee Status options displayed in the dropdown menu

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