Recruitment CRM: Create a Task

Tasks can assign staff to take some action on a Prospect record. A timeline and reminder can be associated with the Task when it is created. Your internal business processes will dictate when to associate a Task with a User and which content. This article provides an overview of how to create a Task and what fields are available for use.

Note: The instructions here are from a Prospect record but the fields available for use are transferable and will show up any time New Task is selected.

Creating a Task

Navigate to the Prospect Record (If Needed)

  1. Click on the Prospects Tab from your homepage if showing in your default tabs or click on the All Tabs (+) button and select Prospects from the list.
  2. At Prospects Home, find the Prospect that needs the Task from the list of Recent Prospects or by searching the appropriate dropdown selection in the View: menu and clicking Go!
    The Prospects Home Tab with the View menu highlighted and the location of a Prospect Reference highlighted
  3. When the appropriate Prospect is visible, click on the Prospect Reference in the list to bring up the Prospect record.

Create a Task

  1. There are two ways to create a New Task in the Prospect record:
    • At the top of the Prospect record hovering over the text for Open Activities brings up a window where the New Task button is able to be clicked.
      Open Activities and the New Task button at the top of the Prospect record
    •  A section titled Open Activities is underneath the Prospect Detail section of the Prospect record where the button for New Task may be clicked.
      The New Task button in the Open Activities section of the Prospect record
  2. The New Task screen fields can be manipulated as needed. Internal business processes determine how you manipulate the fields.
    The New Task screen
    • Assigned To will default to you as the User but if needed the Lookup icon can be used to assign the Task to a different User.
    • The Subject field will likely be determined by internal business processes and should be descriptive or useful to the User assigned the Task.
    • Due Date will default to empty but can be manipulated as needed and will automatically affect the Reminder field below (which can still be updated as needed).
    • EMPLID is available for use as needed.
    • Comments will likely be determined by internal business processes and should be descriptive or useful to the User assigned the Task.
    • Related To will be populated with the information from the Prospect record which is the basis of the Task. 
    • The Contact field will automatically populate with the Contact record associated with the Prospect record that is the basis of the Task.
      • If either the Related To or Contact fields do not show correct information, the Lookup icon can be used to search for the correct information for populating the Task record.
    • In the Interest Grade dropdown, an interest grade can be assigned based on current business practices. It can also be left blank.
    • Call Result is a field available for use per your internal business practices.
    • Status should be set according to internal business practices.
    • Priority should be set according to internal business practices.
    • Phone and Email will pull from the Contact record and cannot be modified here.
    • If the task is recurring, checking off the Create Recurring Series of Tasks checkbox will bring up options for selecting recurrence frequency and date ranges.
    • Reminder will be pre-populated based on selections in the Due Date and Recurrence areas but can be manipulated as needed.
  3. Once all the desired fields have been filled out, click on Save at the top or bottom of the New Task screen to be brought back to the Prospect record.
    The Save buttons for New Task with Save highlighted

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