Recruitment CRM: Create an Event or Visit from a Prospect Record

While people are able to sign up for visits on the site themselves, sometimes it is better or necessary to create a visit for them. Creating an Event/Visit from a Prospect record brings up the Event/Visit Picker.

The Event/Visit Picker has access to previous events and visits so it can add information after the fact if the visitor showed up unexpectedly or had a problem with signing up for their visit. It will also list any Event records and/or Event Sessions that have been setup specifically for staff to add to records.

Creating an Event or Visit from a Prospect Record

Navigate to the Prospect Record (if needed)

  1. Click on the Prospects Tab from your homepage if showing in your default tabs or click on the All Tabs (+) button and select Prospects from the list.
  2. At Prospects Home, find the Prospect that needs the Visit created from the list of Recent Prospects or by searching the appropriate dropdown selection in the View: menu and clicking Go!
    The Prospects Home Tab
  3. Once the appropriate Prospect is found, click on the Prospect Reference to open the Prospect record.

Create a Visit

  1. From either the top or bottom of the Prospect Detail section, click on the button for Add to Event/Visit. This brings up the Event/Visit Picker.
    The location of the Add to Event/Visit button at the top of Prospect Detail
  2. From the Event/Visit Picker, available visits can be searched by using the navigation elements on the calendar and/or filtering by Event Type at the top of the screen. 
    A screenshot of the top of the Event Picker with relevant navigation items highlighted
    • The month and week buttons allow you to toggle your view for your needs.
    • To move forward and backward months/weeks use the arrows over at the top right of the calendar.
    • The Event Type filter will be defaulted to all and items on the calendar will be color-coded as outlined at the top.
  3. Once the Event or Visit you want to select is showing in the calendar click on the entry to bring up more details. A screen with additional information about the Event or Visit will pop up. 
    A screenshot of a weekly calendar showing two days with Visits and one Visit highlighted.
  4. If you decide that you would like to schedule the Prospect for this event or visit click on the Schedule for Prospect button. This brings up options within the Event/Visit Picker. 
    The location of the Schedule for Prospect button on the chosen Visit
  5. How you fill out the following fields within the Event/Visit Picker will largely be determined by internal business practices and the visit or event itself.
    • The Selected Event section will be filled in with details from the chosen event and date chosen from the calendar and includes a button to Pick Another Date if necessary.
    • The Event Attendee - Individual section has places to fill out information for the individual that is attending.
      • Number in Party allows you to indicate the number of people attending for the visit or event.
      • Attendee Status allows you to pick a status from the dropdown following internal business processes.
      • Parent Email allows you to enter an email address for the parent of the prospect.
      • Special Assistance allows you to enter any specifics for assistance needed by the prospect.
      • Special Requests allows you to enter any requests made by the prospect in regards to the visit.
    • Event Sessions for Attendee will have any sessions entered on the original Event record and allows you to use the checkboxes to schedule sessions for that particular individual.
  6. Once all the information is filled out click on Create Event Attendee in the Event Attendee - Individual section to finalize the selections and create a new Event Attendee record.
    The location of the Create Event Attendee button

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