Recruitment CRM: Clone a Query

There may be times when you want to create a Query that is similar to an existing Query record but with minor changes. Cloning a current Query can help save time by transferring some of the information in an existing Query to a new one for manipulation.

The instructions below show you how to clone a Query and details which data carries over and also highlights the data that does not carry over and will need to be added again

Cloning a Query

Navigate to the Query record (if needed)

  1. Click on the Queries Tab from your homepage if showing in your default tabs or click on the All Tabs (+) button and select Queries from the list.
  2. If the Query was just created it should be showing in the list of Recent Queries; if not then click on Go! next to View: All to show more Queries.
    The Queries Home Tab
  3. Once the Query that needs to be added shows in the list, click on the Query Name to bring up the Query record.

Clone a Query

  1. From the Query record, click on Clone Query at the top or bottom of the Query Detail section. This brings up the New Query record screen.
    The Clone Query button
  2. On the Query record screen you will notice that all of the information and criteria from the previous Query transfer over except for any associated Campaigns.
  3. To make any necessary changes to the new Query, click on Edit at either the top or bottom of the Query Detail section of the page and manipulate as needed.
  4. Once changes have been made to the Query criteria or other data, you can follow the process to Add a Query to a Campaign as needed.

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