Kaltura: Upload Custom Captions

When videos are uploaded to Kaltura in Canvas, they are automatically captioned by using automatic speech recognition (ASR). You can edit and check for accuracy or you can create and upload custom captions.


  • To edit the captions, you must be the video owner or a co-editor.
  • Accepted captioning file types are SRT and DXFP. 

Uploading Custom Captions

  1. Open a browser and go to Canvas (canvas.umn.edu). You may need to sign in.
  2. Find your media:
    1. Select the Courses icon in the left navigation bar. All of your available courses will appear.
    2. Select the course you want.
    3. Select My Media from the course navigation menu. If the My Media link is not shown, the course's owner can add it by following the instructions in Adding Kaltura Course Tools to Canvas.
  3. Find the video you want to add a caption file to and click the edit icon canvas-edit-pencil.pngx located to the right of the video.
  4. Select the Captions tab under the video. 
    1. Select the X under the Actions tab to delete the current caption file.
      Canvas Kaltura captions tab. The delete captions symbol is highlighted.
    2. Select Delete in the popup box that appears.
    3. Select Upload captions file. A pop-up window appears.
    4. Click Browse.
      1. Choose your file and select Open.
      2. Select the Language of the caption file.
      3. Enter a Label for your captions. This text will appear in the Closed Captions menu of the player.
        • Use the captioned language as the label (e.g., English).
    5. Select Save.
  5. View your captions in the video:
    1. Select the title to the right of the video, below Edit.
      Kaltura My Media tab. Title is highlighted.
    2. In the video player, select the Closed Captioning icon kaltura-closed-captions-icon.pngx to pick the caption track; text appears over the player during video playback.