Google Shared Drive: Create Shared Drive

Google Shared Drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device. Faculty, staff, current students, and sponsored accounts can create a Google Shared Drive.

  1. Navigate to Google Drive
  2. In the left navigation, right click Shared Drives
    • If you do not see Shared Drives as an option, verify that you are logged in using your University account and not your personal account.
  3. Click New Shared Drive
  4. Enter New Shared Drive using naming convention (ex. College_DeptName_ProjectName)
    • Additional naming examples:
      • CEHD_Project 1A
      • Psy_Office Manager
      • MedEd_CommitteeName
      • CHEM_Chem301_Lab2
      • Shared Drives that are not associated with a department, college, or group, please choose a name that is descriptive that would make sense to your and your group
  5. Click CREATE.
  6. Add additional members and set permissions:
    1. Expand Shared Drives
    2. Find and open newly created Shared Drive
    3. Click Add members
      Location of add members link is shown beneath the newly created Shared Drive's title
    4. Add new Member email addresses as needed and assign appropriate roles.
      NOTE: Maximum # of members (and/or Google groups) is 600
      • Available roles:
        • Manager - Manage content, members, and settings
        • (default) Content Manager - Add, edit, move, and delete files
        • Contributor - Add and edit files
        • Commenter - Comment access
        • Viewer - View access

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