Google Shared Drive: Add Members without a UMN Email

These instructions are for Shared Drive Managers and Content Managers. It is possible to add members who do not have a University of Minnesota email account to a Shared Drive.

Adding members with existing Google Accounts

You can add anyone who has a Google Account associated with their email address to your Shared Drive.

  1. You can add members to your Shared Drive by following the steps provided by the Google for adding members and setting access levels.
  2. After you click Send or Add a Share outside of the organization?,  the following dialog box will appear.
    • Click Share anyway to add the member to the Shared Drive.
    • Click CANCEL to not add the member to the Shared Drive.

Share outside of organization? dialogue box . Options to continue or cancel in the lower right.

Adding members without existing Google Accounts

When you try to add someone to a Shared Drive who does not have a Google account, a pop up window will indicate that Sharing to email addresses without a Google Account is not yet supported.

This message indicates that the email address being added does not have a Google Account associated with it. Any email address can have an associated Google Account. Having a Google Account does not require a Google Email (Gmail) address.

  • The email owner will need to create a Google Account so they can be added to the Shared Drive.
    • You can have the email owner create a Google Account at
      • This will create a Google Account associated with the provided email address.
      • This will not create a Google Email (Gmail) address.
  • After the email owner has created a Google Account, you can then add them to your Shared Drive.

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