Enterprise CRM: Manually Create a New Interested Party record

What Are Interested Party Assignments?

Interested Party assignments allow you to assign the name of a group of Users to relevant Contact, Organization and/or Bio records. While some Interested Party assignments are created by default, for example your business unit, you are able to create any Interested Party names that suit your particular needs.

When and why to create new Interested Party assignments will be dictated by your internal business processes. Check with your business processes prior to creating any Interested Party records to ensure any standard naming conventions or other necessary criteria is included.

What Are My Privacy Options?

Enterprise CRM has records that it shares across all business units and organizations. The Interested Party record type is one of those records and is considered public view-only.

This means that any information you put into an Interested Party record and associate with a Contact will show on those records for any other user of Enterprise CRM, regardless of business unit, but they will not be able to edit the Interested Party at all. It will show for those users as a view-only record.

Creating a New Interested Party Record

  1. Click on the All Tabs (+) button in the Navigation Bar from the homepage.
  2. Click on Interested Parties in the list.
  3. From Interested Parties Home click NewThis brings up the New Interested Party page.
  4. Once on the New Interested Party page the only field that you can currently fill in is Interested Party Name
    • Check with your internal business processes on naming conventions.
    • You will default as the Owner but you will be able to change this on the Interested Party record once created.
  5. Once you have filled in the desired name click Save to be brought to the Interested Party record.
  6. From here you will be able to modify Interested Party Assignments, Users, and/or Change record Owners as needed.

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