Drupal Enterprise: Enable Folwell Theme and Modules on an existing Drupal Site

Folwell is an evolving design system made up of modular components that can be combined in numerous ways to make creative and consistent University websites. Folwell is designed by University Relations and can be used on any platform. For Drupal sites hosted by the Office of Information Technology's Drupal Service, there is a theme available as well as complementing modules to supply already-implemented components.


Changing the theme of a website will likely require significant developer time for highly-customized sites. Not all sites will behave the same way after switching the theme. Sub-theming Folwell is recommended for sites that have functionality that the Folwell theme does not provide.  

When attempting to enable the Folwell Components modules, there may be errors for a given module; this will depend on a site's existing configuration (currently enabled modules, existing config files, etc). There may be existing Drupal entities that prevent you from enabling the Folwell modules specifically, or there may be dependencies of the Folwell modules that cannot be enabled without first deleting or changing specific items. Each site may have its own unique situation.

It is recommended that all testing and prep work be done on a local installation of a site using the documentation at Drupal: Set up a Drupal Local Environment

After successful implementation of the Folwell theme in a local environment, you can request to upload the database to the development (dev) environment via a Drupal Support Request

Enable the Folwell Theme

Determine Current Theme

Check to be sure that a site is not already using the Folwell theme. 

  1. Log in to the site
  2. Select Appearance in the Admin toolbar
  3. Note the theme at the top of the list
    • Sites already using Folwell will show: Folwell (default theme)
    • Sites not using Folwell will show the sites non-Folwell theme.  

If a site is already using Folwell, this article does not apply; do not proceed to the next steps of this section.

Switch to the Folwell Theme

If a site is not currently using the Folwell theme, the current theme can be disabled and Folwell can be enabled with these steps: 

  1. Log in to the site
  2. Select Appearance in the Admin toolbar
  3. Find the Folwell theme on-page
  4. Select Set as default or Install and set as default

Folwell is now set as the current theme, and the Folwell Components modules can now be enabled if needed.

Enable Folwell Modules

In addition to the Folwell theme, there are modules that can be enabled for additional site functionality; these additional features are referred to as Folwell Components

Depending on modules that are currently (or were previously) enabled on a site, there may be errors in attempting to enable the Folwell modules and their dependencies. 

To install all Folwell features and their dependent modules:

  1. Log in to the site
  2. Select Extend in the Admin toolbar
  3. Select the module checkbox
  4. Choose "Install" at the bottom of the page.

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