Communicator: Call Control Buttons and Settings

This article is an overview of the different call controls, buttons, and settings in the Clearspan Communicator application used for Voice Over IP (VOIP) phones.

Note: VoIP callers should be aware of certain restrictions to 911 calls. Visit for more information


  • General
    • Run this program when the system starts should be turned on
  • Audio / Video
    • Headset and Speakers settings are here as well
      • Use these settings to tell the Clearspan Communicator what speaker and microphone to use
    • Level will show if Clearspan Communicator is picking up your microphone
    • Ring Signal will change the ringer you hear when you receive an incoming ca

    Call Controls: Buttons on a Phone Call

    There are a few different buttons you'll have access to once on a phone call. This section details what these buttons do.

    • Hang Up -
      • This button will end the current call and put you on the Wrap-Up status
    • Hold -
      • This button will put the caller on hold
      • Unhold
        • This button brings the user back into the call
        • Located in the same place as the Hold button
        • Only available after placing someone on hold
    • Mute -
      • This button will mute your microphone
        • The caller will not be able to hear anything at all. They will be able to notice you are muted
        • Unmute
          • This button will unmute your microphone allowing the caller to hear you again
    • Transfer -
      • This button will transfer the call to whatever number you enter
      • Options
        • Transfer Now
          • Disconnects you from the call and transfers the caller to the number you entered
        • Attended Audio
          • This will allow you to speak to whoever you transferred to before you transfer the caller
          • You can either hang up to go back to caller or can complete the transfer
    • Add People / Conference Call -
      • This button will bring another person (or multiple people) into your call
      • IMPORTANT: You are the 'call owner.' If you end the call when using Conference Call, then the call is ended for everyone
    • Park Call -
      • This button will allow you to place a call on hold to be picked back up by at a later date
        • You 'park' the call against your extension or a different number
        • You or someone else can then pick up the parked call at a later time

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