Communicator Call Center: Join a Queue and View Status

This article details how to join a queue as a member of a call center using Clearspan Communicator. This article also provides an explanation of the different statuses available in Clearspan Communicator.

If you are not already signed into Clearspan Communicator, see Communicator: Sign In for how to connect.

Note: VoIP callers should be aware of certain restrictions to 911 calls. Visit for more information

Joining a Queue

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the bottom left-hand corner of the Clearspan Communicator.
  2. Click on General to open a dropdown list of the different tabs.
  3. Click on Services.
    General dropdown expanded. Options for General, Audio/Visual, Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls, Voicemail, Services, Extensions, Advanced. Services selected.
  4. Click on the Sign-Out dropdown and select Sign-In
  5. Select In or Out for each of the associated Call Centers to be in the queue for that Call Center.
    • Call Center line is the phone queue you wish to join (In this example it shows the 1-Help queue)
  6. To begin taking calls, change your status in the dropdown from Sign-In to Available
    • This status will also be visible for Supervisors when viewed from the Web App.
  7. When complete, to exit a queue click on the dropdown option next to the Call Center line and change it to Out
    • When you are done taking calls in all queues for the day, change the Queues dropdown to Sign-Out

Statuses and Their Meanings

  1. Sign-In
    • This status is to show that you have signed in and are getting ready to take calls
    • You are not actually getting calls from the queue with this status
  2. Available
    • This status is what you should be set to if you are available to take a call or have just signed in and want to get your first call from the queue
  3. Unavailable
    • This status is what you should be set to if you do not want to get a call from the queue
    • It should be used when calling a user back or when you need extra time to wrap up a ticket
  4. Wrap-Up
    • This status is to provide you with time to wrap up your work from the most recent call, and is configured per Call Center
    • You will be placed on this automatically after a call
    • You will be placed on this automatically after transferring
  5. Sign-Out
    • This is what you should be set to if you are signing out after your shift
    • IMPORTANT: Make sure you sign out at the end of your shift. If you don't, it will still show you as online in the monitoring program. You must manually change your status to Sign-Out

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