Canvas: Use the Content Selector in the Rich Content Editor (RCE)

The Rich Content Editor (RCE) allows you to format text and embed media when creating many different pieces of a course site. The RCE tool bar has Content Selector buttons that allow you to connect other course content (pages, assignments, announcements, etc.) directly within the content you are working with.

Inserting Canvas Content Using the RCE toolbar

 You can link to course resources using the RCE's toolbar. There are four buttons all side-by-side on the RCE's toolbar:

  • Links
  • Images
  • Record/Upload Media
  • Documents
    New RCE toolbar with Canvas Content buttons highlighted

Each button has a drop-down menu with options for selecting specific course content. 
Each of the four Canvas content buttons and their menu options

When you click one of the Canvas content buttons, a context-sensitive Add menu appears on the right.
New RCE toolbar and page content area; Canvas Content buttons highlighted; Add menu visible

Understanding the RCE Insert Content Buttons

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