Canvas: Understand Course Sections

Courses and sections work together in Canvas.

The Course is where students:

  • Access course content
  • Interact with the instructor
  • Interact with other students

Sections are groups of students that have been organized for administrative purposes. All sections of a course share the same content. However, Sections allow the instructor to:

  • Manage different instructional timelines
  • Vary assignment due dates by Section
  • View/Manage grades by Section
  • Assign TAs or Facilitators to specific Sections for grading

The following diagram illustrates a hierarchy for a course that has three sections, each with two students.

Digram displays course bubble pointing to 3 different section bubbles each of which points to 2 student bubbles

Sections can be managed as if they were their own class within a course site or they can be managed to allow interaction with other sections for a larger course experience.

You can use sections to create groups. If you do, you can have group members interact only within the section or have group members interact across sections.

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