Canvas for Students: Submit Course Work in Canvas

This article is an overview for students to help you find and complete course work in Canvas. It covers the following topics:

Finding Assignments

There are several places within Canvas where you can find your assignments.

  • The Dashboard view shows assignments and due dates for all of your classes.
    • Find the To Do List with that day's assignments and a Coming Up section below it for assignments that are due soon.
  • Select Calendar in the global navigation menu to show assignments for all of your classes in calendar form. If the instructor does not use Due Dates with assignments, they will not appear on the calendar.
  • You can also find assignments for any individual course by using the course-level navigation links within that course, depending on how your instructor has organized the course.
    • If Assignments is available in the course navigation, see how to view Assignments as a student for more information. 
    • If Syllabus is available in the course navigation, any published assignments for the course are listed under the Course Summary area of the Syllabus toward the bottom of the page.
    •  Modules will show materials and information that may not be set up as an assignment or quiz. This might include informational pages, website links, and other types of content.

None of the above options will necessarily show all of the work for which you are responsible. Be sure to review your syllabus or check with your instructor to know how they have organized the course.


Turning In Assignments

There are many different ways to upload assignments. These directions will tell you the most common. 

  1. Open the assignment you are working on. 
  2. Select Start Assignment on the right sidebar.
    Start assignment button
    • If the start assignment button is not visible, it is because the assignment doesn't require a submission, is ungraded, or is not currently available.
  3. Review the assignment to find what tab in the assignment submission area to select. Follow the instructions linked below for each assignment upload type. 
    The assignment submission box with the File Upload option selected, and with Text Entry, Website URL, Media and Google Drive tabs also showing

Note: Follow the instructions in the above linked articles to determine how to view your submission or re-submit any assignments.

Checking The Status Of Assignments

There are a few places to view your submitted assignment's status. Click on the assignment title and view the following areas:
assignment submission information including a link to Re-submit Assignment, the Submission date and time, and links to Submission Details and to View the Original Page

  • Find the date and time that it was turned in (if it was late, the date will be in red).
  • Click Submission Details to see a link to the original submission page.
  • If it has been graded, it will show the score and the total points possible.
  • You can get more information about the status of an assignment using the Grades link in the course navigation.

Video Tutorials and Additional Student Resources

Canvas has two video tutorials for students regarding assignments: