Canvas: Request a Course Site

Use this article when creating a new course site in Canvas.

Course site types:

Academic (PeopleSoft-associated) Course Sites with Enrollments

  • Academic sites are automatically generated prior to the start of each term and will appear on your Canvas Dashboard ( Auto-enrollment begins for Fall and Spring semesters later than the auto-creation dates. For more information, refer to Understand When Academic Course Sites are Available for the Upcoming Semester.
  • If you are an instructor and you don't see an academic site on your Canvas Dashboard, reach out to your local Department/PeopleSoft scheduler to ensure that your role and course association are accurate in PeopleSoft.
  • Instructors who want a sandbox Canvas site to draft course materials and/or play around with Canvas features before adding them to an academic site can request a Non-academic (non-PeopleSoft) in this article. Follow the instructions for Standard sites.

Training Hub Course Sites with Enrollments

Non-Academic (Non-PeopleSoft) Sites

  • Standard sites: Standard sites are for non-academic uses, including:
    • development/sandbox
    • training
    • collaboration
    • courses/conferences that do not bear formal academic credit.
  • Destiny One sites: Destiny One is used for training. In some cases, such as conferences, the LMS course is a repository of information made available to registrants and provides a collaboration mechanism.

Request Standard or Destiny One sites using the Course Request tool in Canvas Help.

Requesting a Non-Academic (Non-PeopleSoft) Site

  1. Log into
  2. Select Help in the global navigation menu on the left.
  3. Select Course Request (Non-academic) to launch the course request tool
    Canvas Help menu, Help expanded, Course Request highlighted
  4. Select Standard or Destiny One.
    Canvas course request form
    1. Enter a Course name and Short name.
    2. Select an Institution or Primary Account
    3. Select a College or Secondary Account.
    4. If prompted, select Department or Tertiary Account
      • Note: As the requester, you are automatically assigned the role of Teacher, to provide you with the best possible permission set while creating the course. If you are a Designer, add your Designer role now to the same row that lists you as a Teacher, and then remove your Teacher role from the people page after the course is created.
    5. Optional: Enroll another user in your site by entering their email address under Grand Role(s) to Additional Users and selecting + Add Email. Their email address will be added to the form. Select a role in the Role Options column. Repeat to add more users.
  5. Select Make Request to generate the course. A site will be created immediately.
    • A link to the course will appear at the top of the form along with confirmation of the users you enrolled.
    • The site will also appear on your Canvas Dashboard.

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