Canvas: Add Your Personal Pronouns to Your Canvas Profile

You can update your Canvas profile to include your personal pronouns. Once you do, they will appear next to your name in a variety of locations throughout Canvas. 

Personal pronouns are used when referring to someone or ourselves (I, you, she, they, he, ze). Someone's personal pronouns may be different from what others initially assume. Not everyone uses the binary pronouns "he" or "she," and some prefer to be referred to only by name. 

Adding your personal pronouns to Canvas

  1. Click Account in Global Navigation, then click the Settings link.
    canvas interface; account button selected; settings link highlighted
  2. Click the Edit Settings button.
    edit settings button selected
  3. Go to the Pronouns dropdown menu and select your personal pronouns.
    canvas user account settings; dropdown pronouns menu with a personal pronoun option selected
  4. Click Update SettingsYour personal pronouns now appear in your User Settings. They will also display after your name in many other areas throughout Canvas.
    User's Settings with pronouns highlighted side-by-side with Global Navigation Account selected displaying Name (pronouns)

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