Box: Restrict Access to a Folder to University of Minnesota Users

Sometimes a folder should only be accessible to other users within the University of Minnesota system. This article explains how to do this to a folder.

Note: Taking this action on a parent folder will automatically apply this setting to all sub-folders and any documents contained within any folder or sub-folder.

Restricting Access

  1. From the All Files screen click on the More Options button for the folder you would like to update and then click on Settings.
    A screenshot of the More Options menu expanded with the location of Settings highlighted
  2. On the Settings Screen under Invitation Restrictions ensure that the Restrict collaboration to within the University of Minnesota checkbox is checked off.
    A screenshot showing the location of the Restrict collaboration to within University of Minnesota checkbox within the collaboration section of the Settings screen
  3. Once the setting is enabled by checking off the box click on Save Changes in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
    The Save Changes button

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