Box: Make My Collaborators Invisible To Each Other

To hide collaborators, you must be the owner of the Collaboration Folder. There is a setting at the folder level called Hide Collaborators. When you enable this Folder Properties option:

  • Collaborators in this folder:
    • Cannot see each other.
    • Cannot add/invite new collaborators.
    • Cannot assign tasks to folder co-owners as they are hidden.
  • The folder owner and co-owners are visible to all collaborators.
  • All other collaborators are displayed as Someone in the collaborator's username field.
  • Only the owner or co-owner can add new collaborators.

Hiding Collaborators

  1. To hide folder collaborators, you will need to click the More Options The More Options Button button for the folder and go to Settings.
    A screenshot of an expanded more options menu with settings highlighted
  2. From the Folder Settings screen go to the Invitation Restrictions in the Collaboration section and check off the box to Hide collaborators.
    A screenshot showing the location of the Hide Collaborators checkbox on the Collaboration part of the Settings screen
  3. Once the box for Hide Collaborators has been checked off click on the Save Changes button at the top right section of the screen to finalize the action.
    The Save Changes button


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