Box: Format and Insert Items in Box Notes

Box Notes is an easy-to-use document creation tool built natively in Box and available to all Box users. 

Format text in Box Notes

To change the way text is formatted in Box Notes, use the toolbar at the top. You can apply changes to existing text by selecting it before you use any of the tools or just start typing in the new style once you've selected your formatting options. Refer to the following diagram for specific formatting tools:

Box Notes toolbar with icons labeled with numbers from left to right.

  1. Font Size: Select the size (small, medium, or large) from the dropdown list.
  2. Font Color: Select the required color block from the dropdown list.
  3. Font Style: Apply bold, italic, or underline styles.
    • Bold: Click the B icon to apply the bold style or use the Control (Command on Mac) and b keyboard shortcut.
    • Italic: Click the I icon to apply the italic style or use the Control/Command and i keyboard shortcut.
    • Underline: Click the U icon to apply the underline style or use the Control/Command and u keyboard shortcut.
  4. Bulleted Lists, Numbered Lists, or Check Lists: Click the bulleted icon to add a bulleted list; the numbered icon to add a numbered list; the checklist icon to add a check list to your note. Use the Tab key to further indent a list.
  5. Text Alignment:Click the arrow to see options to align your text to the left, center, or right of the note.
  6. Insert Image: See: Inserting Images in Box Notes
  7. Insert Table: See: Using Tables in Box Notes

Inserting Images in Box Notes

When you upload images from your computer, the images will be stored alongside the Note in a folder called Box Notes Images > "Note Name" Images. They are inserted into the Note using Shared Links with your account's default access type. If you are sharing a Box Note with someone outside your company, you may need to adjust the access level of the images' shared links for them to appear.

Supported Image Formats

Box Notes supports the following image file types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg, .bmp, and .ico.

Insert an image in one of two ways:

  • Drag and drop an image from your desktop into a Box Note. This is the fastest and easiest way.
  • Click the Insert Image button in the toolbar, and choose either Add image from your computer or Add image from the web.
    Insert Image icon with drop-down menu expanded.

Using Tables in Box Notes

  1. Click the table icon in the toolbar.
    Table icon in the toolbar.
  2. A table will appear in your Box Note. Enter text into the table or format it to meet your needs. You can choose from the following formatting options:
    Formatting toolbar of a table.
    1. Insert row below
    2. Insert row above
    3. Delete row
    4. Delete column
    5. Insert column left
    6. Insert column right
  3. If you need to resize a column, you can hover over the side of the column you wish to move and drag it right or left as needed.

Adding Links to Box Notes

  1. Select the block of text you would like to add a link to.
  2. Click the link icon from the pop-up under the selected line of text.
    Highlighted text with pop-up menu showing link icon displayed.
  3. Enter the URL into the Enter URL here field.
  4. Press Enter.

Note: You can edit the link URL by hovering over the link and selecting either the edit icon (pencil) on the left or the disable link icon (broken chain) on the right from the link toolbar.

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