Box: Comments and Annotations in Box Notes

Box Notes is an easy-to-use document creation tool built natively in Box and available to all Box users. With Box Notes, you can quickly take notes, share ideas, and collaborate in real-time with your team—all without leaving Box.

Notes are web-based documents and do not require any other software in order to create, view or edit. If you are collaborating with users outside the University that do not have access to Word Online you can use Notes instead.

Add Comments/Annotations in Box Notes

  1. Select the text you'd like to annotate and then click the annotation icon, on the left.
    A screenshot with text highlighted and the The Annotation icon highlighted
  2. Enter your feedback and click the Add Annotation button. The text you've annotated will be highlighted with a yellow background and will show your annotation whenever another user rolls over the highlighted text. Text with multiple annotations will be highlighted in a brighter, deeper yellow. Annotations can only be left by collaborators with Editor or Co-owner access levels.
    An annotation window open with the Add Annotation button showing

You can also leave a comment on the document, by using the comment button from the Files screen.

When hovering over an existing annotation, you can click Add Reply to respond to an existing annotation within the same text range. This action does not send an email notification, it appends additional text to the existing annotation.

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