AppsToGo: Enable Mapping on Google Drive Desktop Application

Beginning in the summer of 2022, mapping of your Google Drive to the AppsToGo environment will be done using the Google Drive Desktop application. To enable the drive mapping, you will first need to authenticate to the Google Drive Desktop application as described below. 

Enabling Google Drive Mapping

  1. Upon launching a virtual application or desktop from AppsToGo you will be prompted to Sign in to Google Drive. Select the Sign in with browser button to be redirected to web logon.
    Sign In to Google Drive window with Sign In with browser button
  • Note: It may take a minute for this automatic prompt to appear. If you are logging in to a virtual desktop you can also launch Google Drive from the Windows Start Menu. 
  1. Enter your University email address at the prompt and select Next. The authentication screen brings you to the University's Single Sign-On portal.Sign in with Google window with email field filled in with example "". Button for Next is highlighted.
  2. Enter your University Internet ID and password and select Sign In. You will be prompted to complete Duo multi-factor authentication. 
  3. Authenticate with Duo to complete the sign-in process.
  4. Select Sign In when prompted.
    Pop-up stating to Make sure that you downloaded this app from Google. Buttons to Cancel or Sign In.
  5. You will receive a Success! message stating that you have completed the Google Drive mapping. 
    Confirmation message stating "Success! You've signed into Google Drive. To continue, close this window and return to Google Drive"
  6. Once you authenticate the Google Drive will be mapped to your environment most likely as the G Drive and will be labeled Google Drive. 
    Example of Drives on a PC showing the Windows C drive and the Google Drive G drive. The G drive is selected.

Note: The authentication prompt will re-appear periodically depending upon password resets and vendor timeouts.

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