Video Event Onsite Support
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Video Event Onsite Support

In-person technical assistance for broadcasting or recording a live event.



Professional video technicians are available to set-up, operate, and monitor the equipment for online conferences, meetings, and other live events that require broadcasting to a remote audience, or need to be recorded for on-demand viewing. A standard audio, video, and computer kit is brought to the event and operated through its entirety.


  • Receive individualized consultations to help plan and determine the best options for broadcasting and/or recording the event
  • On-demand event recording and delivery of files
  • Free-up resources for other event needs by letting technical experts support the video and broadcasting portion
  • A consultation is recommended before booking on-site video support to fully understand your event needs
  • Support requests must be submitted 2 weeks before event date.
  • When reserving a room, schedule enough time to allow for an hour of setup and a half-hour for tear down.
  • Room must have a wired network jack that has DHCP enabled.
  • Any presentation materials that will be used for the event should be sent to the event support staff two days before the event.
  • Organizers should obtain a standard release form from the presenters before the event

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  • On-site technical assistance is available at $60.40/hour per technician for University departments.
  • The hourly rate applies to the entire time the technician is on site, including a half-hour for transportation to/from campus venue, one hour setup and an hour for tear down.