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Incident Response for Information Security

Report and understand how the University responds to information security incidents 


Report suspected or discovered information security incidents to University Information Security. University Information Security is responsible for coordinating reports and responses for the University.

An information security incident is any activity which may involve:

  • Misuse of technology resources, compromise of integrity or loss of confidentiality of University data (electronic or paper-based).
  • Threats to availability of resources (i.e., cyber attack), misrepresentations of identity, or harassment of or by individuals using technology resources.
  • Loss or theft of a University-owned computer (or a personal computer/device storing University data).


University Information Security staff perform tasks such as the following:

  • Investigate reported and discovered information security incidents
  • Communicate with affected parties about information security events
  • Perform or coordinate forensic analysis of critical security events
  • Coordinate investigations with law enforcement and Office of General Counsel

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