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Health Sciences Data and Analytics

Use data-related services for Health Sciences colleges and units


The Health Sciences Technology (HST) Data and Analytics team provides data analysis, reporting, visualization, integration, and management services to University of Minnesota Health Sciences colleges and units.

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Data Analysis, Reporting, Visualization

Utilizing various technologies including Tableau, the Data and Analytics team performs data analysis, reporting, and visualization to support departments' various needs including day-to-day business functions, strategic decision-making, internal and external reporting requirements, research and scholarship, and continuous quality improvement. We work closely with colleges and units to translate business needs and processes into data terms, establish shared data definitions, and to identify accurate data sources and logic. We facilitate business process improvement surrounding data input and flow, and become subject matter experts on data sources to provide expertise and data consultation.

Data Integration

We securely gather, store, and integrate disparate data sources with one another, so that colleges and units can glean meaningful insight from their data. This includes integration amongst internal and external data sources, as well as enterprise systems such as PeopleSoft, Training Hub, and Qualtrics. We also work closely with vendors to establish routine methods to securely obtain and store data.

Data Management

We develop and administer secure data management and data request framework solutions for colleges and units, including associated request web forms, intake and fulfillment processes, and data oversight, permissioning, and governance components.

Getting Started

To discuss your data needs or to learn more, please contact Emily Melcher, M.L.S., at emelcher@umn.edu or 612-624-0118.

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