Final Reminder: Adobe Flash Player Retirement

As previously announced in July 2017, Adobe will stop distributing, updating, and patching Flash Player after December 31, 2020. Because security patches will no longer be applied, creating a potential information security vulnerability, the Flash Player will be automatically removed from all University-managed devices on December 28, 2020. No action is required by people with University-managed devices. 

Personal or other Unmanaged Devices

For devices that are not managed by the University, Adobe has started pushing notifications with a prompt that, when selected, uninstalls the Flash player from the device. Because the application will no longer receive security patches, to protect your device from potential cyberattacks, it is strongly recommended that users follow this prompt to remove the Adobe Flash Player from their devices. See Cyber Security from Home: A Good Start

Review Flash Files. Delete or Migrate.

Some University members have retained or link to content in older file types that can only be accessed using the Adobe Flash Player (FLA, FLV, SWF, SWT, SWC, and many SCORM modules). As we near the December 31 deadline, this is a reminder to delete Flash files you no longer need, or to migrate the content to modern web technologies such as HTML5, then store them in a centrally-supported system such as Kaltura, YouTube, Box Secure Storage, or Google Drive. If you have published links to content that requires Flash, after the end of 2020, it likely will no longer load for the vast majority of your viewers. You will need to contact the owner of those systems to find out their plans for migrating content to a newer platform.