Duo Security Gets a New Look March 19

Coming Soon! A new look for Duo; Do the Duo

Beginning on March 19 between 5 and 7 p.m., Duo Security, the tool you use to verify your identity before you access many applications at the University of Minnesota, will have a new look for most applications. Some applications will continue to use the traditional Duo Security prompt. Both of these Duo Security prompt pages are safe, secure, and appropriate to use.

Traditional Duo prompt and new Duo prompt side by side visual comparison

Reason for the Change

Duo, the vendor, will soon require that all web-based applications use their new prompt interface. 

What You'll Notice

  • The new Duo Security prompt design is simplified and automatically sends the Duo authentication request using the last method you used.
    • For example, if you used Duo push to send a verification request to your mobile app last, the next time you use Duo, it will automatically use the push method. If you used a bypass code, it will request your bypass code, etc.
    • Select Other options to choose a different verification method. 
  • Duo has improved the instructions for each part of the verification process.
  • You can manage the devices you use with Duo Security from the Other options menu on the Duo Security prompt; you can also choose to update your devices at my-account.umn.edu
  • The new Duo Security prompt has a different process for remembering your device see the section titled, Reduce the Number of Times you Use Duo, below.

Access Other Log in Options and Manage your Devices

To change your authentication method and manage devices, click the Other options link on the new Duo Security prompt.

Duo prompt other options menu

Reduce the Number of Times you Use Duo

New Duo Security prompt

You can reduce the number of times you verify your identity with Duo. The new Duo Security prompt replaces the traditional Duo Security prompt's "remember me for 7 days" checkbox by presenting you with the question, "Is this your device?"

Duo prompt asking if you are on a device used by only you


Only select “Yes, this is my device” if you are the only person who uses the device. If you select “No, other people use this device,” the browser will not ask the question again for 14 days.

If you select, “Yes, this is my device” Duo will remember your device for 7 days for most web-based applications. 

Traditional Duo Security prompt

If you are presented with the traditional Duo Security prompt, follow the instructions for using the remember me for 7 days function.


If you have questions about this change, please email [email protected]


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