IT Staff

Annette McNamara

Annette McNamara

Instructional Designer
+1 612 635 2868

I joined Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS) in August 2013. As an instructional designer, I enjoy collaborating toward the integration of academic technology into the design and development of effective, efficient teaching and learning experiences. Through consultation, I am able to help clarify instructional needs, design and develop technology-enhanced solutions, evaluate instructional effectiveness, and develop continuous improvement plans.

My professional interests include: learning that is authentic and related to real life; making connections to create lifelong learning networks; the narrative arc of learning design; and using technology for increased efficiency in teaching and learning.


Prior to working in ATSS, I was with the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy where my time was split between designing and developing online courses and curriculum design and development. I have also worked in the Hamline University School of Education, and Center for Teaching and Learning. There, I was involved in course and curricular assessment, course design and development, facilitating faculty conversations and development, and teaching graduate students about technology integration.

I hold a masters degree in education; my research focused on the benefits and challenges of parental involvement in a secondary charter school.