Service Gateway: Naming Conventions

We have defined naming conventions for unit identifiers in Service Gateway as described below.

Management ID (MID)

In Service Gateway a MID is a unique identifier associated with a department or collegiate unit which maintains a predefined group of network resources. There can be one or multiple MIDs associated with a unit.

A MID is created by authorized Office of Information Technology (OIT) staff using the IT Access Catalog (ITAC) unit abbreviation.  

Once the MID name is established in Service Gateway, it should not be changed. The MID description is initially created by an OIT staff member, working in conjunction with the unit.


A Service Gateway workgroup is a unique identifier which is the equivalent of a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) at the University. All active data jacks are assigned to a workgroup. A workgroup is typically confined to jacks within one building and does not exceed the parameters of the region. There can be multiple workgroups within one MID.

Workgroup names have two components:

  • Management ID (MID) name
  • Workgroup name

Workgroup Name

The first workgroup name created for a MID consists of the letters "WG" and the digits 001. The name of each new workgroup added to an MID (if any) increases by one (e.g., WG002, WG003, WG004).