Google Apps for Health Care Component (HCC) Accounts

The University of Minnesota and Google, Inc. have an agreement that allows those at the University who are part of the Health Care Component (HCC), which includes all Health Sciences colleges, schools, centers and departments as well as other University departments with access to Protected Health Information (PHI) to use Google Apps. This agreement, known as a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), is a contract between a HIPAA-covered entity (the University) and a HIPAA business associate (Google), that protects PHI in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Because of HIPAA compliance barriers, accounts with PHI access previously were not able to use the University’s Gmail service.

Apps Available for Health Care Component Accounts

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Groups
  • Google Drive/Docs
  • Google Sites
  • Google Meet
  • Google Chat

When using Google Groups, users are subject to certain controls to ensure that no Protected Health Information (PHI) is archived.

  • BAA groups aren't listed in the global address list or the group directory
  • Messages aren't archived
  • Only group managers can view the membership list

The School of Public Health and the College of Veterinary Medicine have access to the full suite of Google applications.

For details, see Google Apps for Accounts with Access to HIPAA or Other Sensitive Data.

Request an Exception

You can request additional access be granted for your account to some apps if you believe you have a business need to do so, you do not work with PHI, and your business need does not involve using these apps with PHI. To request access, please review and complete the Google Apps Exception for BAA Members request form.  

Mobile Devices

Employees who fall into the BAA category need to use officially supported Google Apps and Google Apps Websites. Learn how to set up mobile devices for these accounts.


Please contact Technology Help.


Refer to Information about HIPAA Training.

More Information

Refer to HIPAA Authorizations section on Health Information Privacy & Compliance Policies and Procedures.