Zoom: Watch Recorded Training Sessions

You can watch recordings of Live Training Sessions facilitated by Zoom Trainers on the Zoom website.  You can also sign up to attend one of these same trainings live for free if one fits with your schedule.  

A recent recording of the following trainings will be available:

  • Getting Started with Zoom
    This ~30-minute training session with live Q&A provides a high-level tour of Zoom and covers the basics you need to get up and running.
  • Zoom Meetings Training
    This ~60-minute training session with live Q&A reviews features applicable to Zoom Meetings and using the Zoom Client software. This training discusses scheduling and hosting your meetings.
  • Zoom Webinar Training
    This ~60-minute training session with live Q&A reviews Zoom features applicable to Zoom Video Webinar. This training discusses scheduling, customizing and hosting your events.

Note: This site also offers a Zoom Administrator Training; however, this training will not be relevant to anyone who is not an administrator of the UMN Zoom account.