Zoom: Using Telephone Call-Out

You can use the Call-Out feature in a Zoom meeting or Webinar to dial yourself or someone else to join the audio by telephone.

Please Note:

  • The University of Minnesota is charged every time someone uses this feature in a meeting or webinar hosted by someone who is a part of our Zoom account, so we ask that you use this feature sparingly.
  • When you or the person you invite in by telephone answers the call from Zoom, they will hear a prompt to press 1 to be connected to the meeting/webinar audio.  
  • This feature is not available in meetings hosted by students.


You can use this feature on a Windows or Mac computer, or in the Zoom mobile app on iOS or Android.  

Using Call Me

  • Once you've joined the meeting or webinar, click Join Audio.
    screenshot highlighting the Join Audio button in the Zoom toolbar
    • If you've already joined the meeting using computer audio, click on the caret next to the microphone icon and choose Audio Options.
      screenshot showing the carrot next to the mute/unmute button with Audio Options highlighted
  • Click the Call Me tab.
  • Click the flag icon to select the country code of your phone number. 
  • Enter your phone number, then click Call Me.
    screenshot showing the Call Me window with a US phone number in the textbox 
    • If you are dialing a phone number that includes an extension, type a hyphen "-" after the phone number and enter the extension. For example, 6032331333-156 dials the  extension 156.

Using Call Out

You can also invite others to connect to your meeting or webinar by telephone from your computer or from the Zoom mobile app on an Android or iOS device.  

See Using Telephone Call-Out in the Zoom Help Center for instructions with screenshots depending on your device.