Zoom: Optimize the way your videos display

Zoom offers optimized screen sharing of a full screen video clip.  This setting increases the frame rate of the screen share while playing the clip, so that the playback appears more smooth for remote participants.  This feature is optional but recommended.

Note: You must have a stable internet connection with at least 1.5Mbps uplink and downlink speed for Full Screen HD.  

  1. Select Share Screen on the Zoom toolbar on your PC or Mac while in a meeting or webinar
    screenshot showing the Zoom toolbar with the Share button highlighted
  2. Choose the desktop you will use to play the video
  3. Check Optimize for full-screen video clip at the bottom of the share window
    screenshot of Zoom share window highlighting Optimize for Full Screen Video Clip checkbox
  4. Click Share Screen
  5. Go full-screen when playing back your video clip for the best playback experience