Zoom: Meeting Settings

The Meeting Settings page in your Zoom profile allows you to enable or disable features for your meetings. These settings control the availability of many features, such as breakout rooms, recording, and chat. The Meeting Settings page is divided into tabs.

Most settings are controlled by a toggle switch in the status column which you can click to adjust.

Note: Setting choices save automatically after toggling.

  • ON
    screenshot of Zoom setting toggle switch showing the On position
  • OFF
    screenshot showing Zoom settings toggle switch in Off position

Settings that you have modified from their default will say Modified to the right of the toggle switch. These settings have a Reset button you can use to easily adjust back to the recommended setting. 
screenshot showing a Zoom setting that has been modified with a Reset button to adjust back to the default setting

Note: Some settings are locked by administrators and you will not be able to adjust them. Those settings say Locked by admin to the right of the toggle switch.  

For more information about the settings you can control under your Meeting Settings page, review Changing user-level settings in the Zoom Help Center.

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