Zoom: Join through a Web Browser

You can use Zoom on a computer through a web browser.  This lets you use some of Zoom's features without downloading plug-ins or software.  However, the web client has limited features.  

Recommendation: Whenever possible, download the Zoom Client for Meetings desktop application for the best experience.

It is possible to use the Zoom web client with the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0 or higher
  • Google Chrome 53.0.2785 or higher
  • Safari 10.0.602.1.50 or higher
  • Firefox 49.0 or higher

Google Chrome is the only browser that will allow you to join the computer audio for Zoom meetings.  You may still be able to use your phone to dial into the meeting depending on the settings selected by the host.

Joining a Meeting or Webinar through your browser

  1. Click the link in your email invitation or calendar event to join the meeting or webinar. 
    1. You can also go to umn.zoom.us to join the meeting if you do not have a meeting link, but you will need the Meeting ID (9-11 digit number) or Personal Link name to join a meeting or webinar so that Zoom knows what meeting/webinar to connect you to.    
  2. An option Join from your Browser may appear automatically. If it does not, click download & run Zoom.
    • The option Join from your Browser will then appear underneath the download & run Zoom link.
    • If you already have the Zoom desktop application installed, the option to Join from your Browser will not appear.  The meeting will instead automatically launch through the application, giving you a better experience with a more complete feature set.
  3. Click Join from your Browser instead of running the installer for the desktop application.
  4. You may be prompted to sign in.
    1. Choose Sign in with SSO
    2. Enter umn as your Company Domain (umn.zoom.us)
    3. Click Continue
    4. Sign in with your UMN credentials on the University Sign In page and follow the Duo prompt if asked. 
  5. You will be prompted to enter your name.  This is how you will be labeled for other participants.
  6. You may also be prompted to enter your email address.
  7. Click Join to be taken into the meeting or webinar.
    a Gif showing someone going through the above steps to join a meeting through a web browser

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