Zoom: Black Screen During Screen Sharing

If your screen looks completely black during a screen share, it could be caused by your computer's Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) automatically switching graphics cards.




  • Check that your security settings are allowing Zoom:
    1. Open your System Preferences.
    2. Select Security & Privacy.
    3. Click on the Privacy tab.
    4. In the left-hand options menu, click Screen Recording.
    5. Click the lock icon in the bottom left corner to unlock it and make changes
      • Enter your admin password if prompted
    6. Click the checkbox next to the Zoom app
      • Note: You may need to restart the app for the changes to take place.
  • If you are on a Mac with a dedicated GPU:
    1. Open your System Preferences.
    2. Select Energy Saver Preferences.
    3. Disable Automatic Graphics Switching.
  • See this Apple Support article for specific instructions.