Zoom: Attend Live Remote Training

You can sign up for free Live Remote Training Sessions facilitated by Zoom Trainers.  These sessions allow you to follow along with a Zoom expert as they guide you through the topic at hand. You can ask questions in real-time through the chat feature that hosts will answer live.  The trainings vary in length from approximately 30 minutes for the Getting Started training to approximately 60 minutes for all other trainings (note: Q and A often runs over the allotted time, so allow extra time in your schedule if you can).  Dates and times vary, but note that the times listed default to Pacific Time. You can click on the time zone to change it to something else, such as Central Time.   

The following trainings are available:

  • Getting Started with Zoom 
    This ~30-minute training session with live Q&A provides a high-level tour of Zoom and covers the basics you need to get up and running.
  • Zoom Meetings Training
    This ~60-minute training session with live Q&A reviews features applicable to Zoom Meetings and using the Zoom Client software. This training discusses scheduling and hosting your meetings.
  • Zoom Meetings for Education (Students & Educators)
    This ~45 minute training session with live Q&A review features and best practices from both the student's point of view and the teacher's point of view. This training discusses using Zoom Meetings as a platform for your classroom setting.
  • Zoom Webinar Training
    This ~60-minute training session with live Q&A reviews Zoom features applicable to Zoom Video Webinar. This training discusses scheduling, customizing and hosting your events.
  • Zoom Rooms Training
    This ~60-minute training session covers the basics of setup and devices, scheduling with Zoom Rooms as well as hosting and participating in Zoom Room Meetings.
  • Zoom Training: Ask Me Anything
    This ~60 minute monthly training offers time for demonstrations of advanced features and sharing of best practices.

Note: This site also offers a Zoom Administrator Training, however this training will not be relevant to anyone who is not an administrator of the UMN Zoom account.