WorkflowGen: Set Up Participants

In WorkflowGen, "participants" can be defined as any people who interact with your process. In general there are three participant roles for a process:

  • Requester: Person who initiates the request
  • Actor: Person who acts on a request either by approving, rejecting, or moving a request
  • Process supervisor: Person who has access to process statistics through the WorkflowGen portal

Create a New Participant

  1. Click on the Participants tab.
  2. Click New Participant.
  3. In the Add participant window, click Create a participant specific to this process.
    Please note: Since it is a best practice to not use global participants, access to create/manage global participants is limited to those with full administrator credentials.

    WorkflowGen Add participant area

  4. On the next Add participant window, enter: 
    1. Name
    2. Description
    3. Role (each process is required to have one and only one requester)
    4. Participant type €“ this will almost always be A list of persons
    5. Click the add... button next to the type of user you want to add:
      • User(s) €“ an individual list of people
      • Group(s) €“ this is the preferred option. Internal groups can only be managed by WorkflowGen administrators. We are working on a plan to enable them to be managed via LDAP (LDAP is an internet protocol that enables programs to look up information from a server).
      • Directories €“ an entire directory of people. Most likely there will be only two choices: the internal WorkflowGen directory and the entire directory for the University of Minnesota
      • Coordinators €“ people responsible for assigning actions

        WorkflowGen Edit participant area

After adding a number of participants, the process participant list looks like this:

WorkflowGen sample process participant list


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