WorkflowGen: Migrate Between Instances

When a WorkflowGen instance is ready to be moved to production, send a request to [email protected].

Regarding moving a process from CDEV to PRD:

  • It is strongly recommended that a development process be tested in production before it is made available to end users. In order to test the process in the production instance before it is active, a developer must request that the process remain in "test" mode. In test mode, the process will not be available in the portal. Participants can access the process to test it by using the URL{ProcessName}.
  • Before a process is moved, it is important that a developer makes a copy or recreates all of the groups the process uses from CDEV to PRD. The migration will fail if the groups do not exist in PRD.
  • Inform [email protected] if the process uses the form designer or a custom developed form.
  • Provide OIT with the process name.
  • Note whether the process should be in "Test" or "Active" mode.
  • When migrating to PRD, OIT will always create a new version.
  • OIT may require that versions of the process between CDEV and PRD remain in sync. If you need to skip a version (i.e., production is in version 2 and you are asking to migrate version 5), please inform OIT in your email request.

In some cases, if a minor change needs to be made to the process form (e,g, fixing a typo). OIT may be able to fix these kinds of issues without creating a new version, though exceptions may be rare due to the additional complexity that can arise from this. 


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