WorkflowGen: Add an Action to the Workflow

The workflow is managed through the workflow tab. The beginning view is the start point: Workflow start point icon in WorkflowGen.

  1. Start by adding an action.
    WorkflowGen action icon
  2. The application type will be EFORMASPX.
  3. Fill out the following fields:
    1. Name
    2. Description
    3. Participant - who is assigned to this action
    4. Assignment method - some of the common assignment methods are:
      • Automatic to the requester €“ This is the initial request assignment
      • Automatic to the manager of the requester €“ will only work if the manager information is imported into the directory. At this time, this information isn't imported
      • Manual by action initiator €“ The person who handled the previous action is given a list of participants to choose from
      • Manual by the person who handled €¦ (an action) €“ you can choose an action and the person who acted on the action chooses the person to act
      • Self Service €“ Assignment goes to the entire participant list
        WorkflowGen Add action screen
  4. Once you click Save, the additional tabs will become available.