Wired Network: Policies

Wired Network services are covered by the University's Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources administrative policy. Details particular to the wired network are below.

Common good funding of the University's network introduces a fixed-cost financial model to managing the network. As a consequence, prudent management of the network's resources and unbudgeted expenses is critical.

Per-connection costs are no longer passed directly to the consumer, which could potentially create a perception that network connections are "free". In this context the new common good/central funding model changes the dynamics associated with network service provisioning and infrastructure capacity. OIT is challenged to provide ubiquitous network access to users while at the same time, holding the line on unexpected/unbudgeted costs.

ETHJK Network Management

OIT has a network infrastructure capacity planning process that identifies excess network port capacity and earmarks it for redistribution where necessary.

  • In order to minimize University costs and limit compatibility risk, any new networking infrastructure must follow OIT standards
  • OIT exhausts hardware/electronics through re-allocation/re-distribution before new equipment is purchased

Who Pays for Network Infrastructure?

Funding sources are identified by the size of the project.

  • Projects (new or renovated building/spaces) - the University's capital budget process for CPPM projects. For other U Construction / FM projects the project cost would include any infrastructure needed for service expansion. Customer or the project would also pay for activation, misc materials and labor.
  • Day to day adds and deletes - customers would pay for any wiring or conduit work, activation and labor costs. If a customer has more than 12 activations in an EdgeNode over the course of a rolling 12 month period, the customer would need to pay for any additional required infrastructure. Up to that point OIT would consider it normal expansion and incur the cost.


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