Wired Network: Hand Configured ip for Mac OS X

The following instructions are for setting up your computer to use a Hand Configured IP address. Before starting, you will need to obtain your IP address, subnet mask, and router address from Helpline: call 1-HELP and select option 1. You also will need to confirm that your Ethernet jack is active, and that you have administrative privileges for your operating system.

  1. Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

    Apple menu

  2. In the Internet & Network section, double-click the Network icon.

    Network icon

  3. In the lefthand display menu, select Ethernet.

    Ethernet in lefthand menu display

  4. Click the Configure pull-down menu, and select Manually.

    Configure pull-down menu

  5. Complete these fields:
    1. In the IP Address field, enter your IP address.
    2. In the Subnet mask field, enter your subnet mask. 
    3. In the Router field, enter your router address.

    IP address, Subnet Mask and Router fields

  6. Enter "," into the DNS Server field.  

    DNS Server field

  7. Enter "umn.edu" into the Search Domains field.

    Search Domains field

  8. Click the Apply button and close System Preferences.

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