WiFi Printing: Print from an Android Device to a WiFi Print Location on Campus

The Pharos Print app enables you to send a document from your mobile device to a U of M print server. You can then go to any of the WiFi Printing locations on campus and print out your document. 

Install and setup Pharos Print app

  1. Launch Google Play and search for Pharos Print.
  2. Click on Pharos Print
    Pharos Print app icon
  3. Click INSTALL.
    Pharos Print install button
  4. Click ACCEPT to give Pharos Print access to your files.
    Pharos Print with the Accept button highlighted.
  5. In the Server Address field, enter: mobileprint.ad.umn.edu (Note: this link will work only if you are accessing this article from a device on campus connected to eduroam or are connected to VPN). 
  6. In the Server Port field, enter 443.
  7. Click Connect.
    Pharos Print connect screen
  8. Enter your University of Minnesota Internet I.D. and Password and click Log On.
    Pharos Print login screen
  9. Click Upload and navigate to the document you'd like to print.
    Pharos Print upload button is highlighted.
  10. Click on the document.
    Pharos Print interface
    Once the document has been sent, you will see the cost to print your document in black & white.
  11. Select your job and make any desired changes to the printing options below. Your print job is ready to be printed.
    The Pharos Print interface with the cost of your print job highlighted.
  12. Notice your Gopher Gold (U-Card) balance and the cost to print; add more money as needed.
  13. Visit any OIT print location to print your document.

Additional Information

  • You will not be charged until you release your print job(s) at an OIT location.
  • To add more funds to your Gopher Gold (U-Card) account, please use any cash to card Gopher Gold machines on campus, or go to U-Card Office website and add money to your account. Please be aware, there is a $2 transaction fee for this site
  • Default is Black & White. If you select Color, please make sure your location has a color printer by checking your printing location
  • Page Selections cannot currently be made using IOS or Android Apps; you can only print entire documents.


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