WiFi: Policies

WiFi Enhancement

To enhance WiFi in your area, please submit a work order through our online form. Please understand that we do charge for the time and equipment to install. Occasionally, we receive central funding for WiFi expansion projects that serve the core missions of the University such as public education spaces.

To report issues with WiFi in your area, please report an issue on the UofM Wifi Feedback Site.

WiFi Network Ownership

The installation, management, service, and support of the University's WiFi network are the sole responsibility of OIT and protected by University policy. IT's ownership of WiFi infrastructure is critical for standardization of WiFi service so the University can provide security, roaming, voice, and additional WiFi services in the future.

New Building Construction & Renovations

OIT Wiring Standards require all new University building construction and renovations to install WiFi service providing both the coverage and capacity OIT recommends. University construction initiative groups may contact an OIT representative through our online form.

Personal WiFi Access Points

The use of personal WiFi access points (APs) can interfere with and/or slow the WiFi connection of users in close proximity. For this reason, unless granted an exception by UMN Information Technology, personal WiFi access points or routers are not allowed on the University WiFi network. 

The University is able to track, isolate, and disable service to APs that do not belong on the network and will do so in order to ensure the effectiveness of the University's WiFi network for all students, staff and faculty.

Anyone having trouble connecting to the University's WiFi network, should contact University of Minnesota Information Technology via the UMN WiFi Feedback Tool or by calling Technology Help. Once alerted to the issues, our network engineers will work to diagnose and fix WiFi connectivity problems.