Webex Teams: Transfer A Call

This article details how to transfer a call using the Clearspan Webex Teams (formerly Webex Engage) application for a Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone.

Note: VoIP callers should be aware of certain restrictions to 911 calls. Visit z.umn.edu/voip911 for more information.

  1. Inform the caller you will be placing them on hold while calling another party.
    1. Completion of Step 4 will place them on hold automatically. You do not need to press the Hold button.
  2. Click More .
  3. Select Transfer  .
  4. Type in the number you will be transferring to.
    Transfer Call window. Message to "Call the person you want to transfer this call to." Phone dial pad and a textbox to "Search or dial a number to transfer this user to."
  5. If you have an Audio button , select the Audio button.
    1. Alternatively, select the Consult first button A pop-up window will appear.
      Options for Consult first or Transfer now. Consult first is selected with a pop-up window showing the phone number to consult with.
    2. Hover over the pop-up so it displays the Audio button.
      The Consult First pop-up now has an Audio button and a Video button. The Audio button is selected.
    3. Select the Audio button .
  6. The caller should now be on hold and you should be on a call with whoever you were transferring to.
  7. This is the point where you need to decide if you will complete the transfer or go back to the caller
    • Important: If the person you are transferring to does not answer and you get their voicemail, do not complete the transfer. Completing the transfer may orphan the call. Instead, end the new call and go back to the caller.
  8. Complete the transfer:
    1. To complete the transfer, select the Complete transfer button .
    2. The caller will now be connected to the person you are transferring to, and you will be removed from the call.
  9. Go back to the caller:
    1. Hit the End Call button
    2. Use the Resume button  to take the original caller off hold. 

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