Virtual Private Network: Departmental Groups

Departmental Virtual Private Network (VPN) groups are virtualized networks that may or may not be serviced by the same platform as the common good VPN groups. They serve a small segment of the University of Minnesota's VPN population. Some features of departmental VPN groups include control over user access and control over traffic policy. Departmental VPN groups offer exclusive access that is authenticated using Internet IDs, Duo two-factor authentication and authorization via a radius white list, and performance options that are not available as part of the generalized common good pools.

If departmental business needs are at such levels that they impact the common good VPN service, or if a department is planning to utilize the service in such a way that potentially impacts the common good VPN service, they should contact us. If we determine that a unit's business needs for common good VPN are, or have the potential for, impacting common good VPN service to the University community, we will contact that unit to discuss the development of a departmental VPN. OIT will work with the department to see if the departmental VPN service is the proper solution to their needs.

OIT has not yet fully developed the funding model for service. There may be an additional charge to cover those departmental services (and hardware) which go beyond the common good model.